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The Land Show Episode 342

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  • Dave: Well John, this was a very interesting show, man.
  • Johnny: Yeah, it was.
  • Dave: We had some new subjects, some new subject matter. And I think that our first guest was very interesting: Brian Jones, with the Album of Film Office. You rightly said, my thoughts also: I had no idea that we had an Album of Film Office.
  • Johnny: Yeah. I didn’t know that we did. But it was really interesting.
  • Dave: It was. And now he talked about all the films have been done in Alabama and all the good things going on. And for our listeners, if you have a really interesting place out in the country, or an old house, or something very interesting, you can put it on the registry. And they have people that are looking for places to film. So that was really interesting. And the next person that we had on would be a great place to film, wouldn’t it?
  • Johnny: Yeah. Dr. Alisa Bump from up in West Blocton: the Cahaba Lily Festival. One of my family’s favorite things that we do every spring is to go to West Brockton, to the Cahaba Wildlife Management Area, go out and see the lilies. I mean, it’s really a beautiful time. And they’re having the festival on May 21st there, in West Blocton, Saturday, May 21st. So check that out on Facebook.
  • Dave: Yeah. And we had Brian Watch doing our Timberland Report next: gave us a lot of great updates on markets. Prices are going up, and we got deep with cross-laminated timber trend, and a big mill down in Dothan, that’s been a game changer for how larger buildings are being constructed.
  • Johnny: Yeah.
  • Dave: And that was very interesting.
  • Johnny: Yeah. I think that made some real developments there. And then we had Rick Born on, AKA the dove daddy, talking about his dove field there in Greenville. And just one of the interesting things to me is, people we’re going to spend money on our hobbies, and this year with the cost of inputs up, I think it’s going to cost a little more. But nobody does a better dove field than Rick. I mean, he covers all the bases. His field, if you look at the aerial photography, looks like the Field of Dreams, got the baseball diamond shape. And it really is… When it comes to dove, it’s the Field of Dreams.
  • Dave: Another great place to film there.
  • Johnny: Absolutely.
  • Dave: So we had some beautiful imagery as we were doing the show, thinking about the Cahaba Lilies, and-
  • Johnny: You and I have filmed there.
  • Dave: We have, we have, we did our short-lived-
  • Johnny: The now defunct…
  • Dave: Southeastern Land TV there, that took way too much time and money. So-
  • Johnny: I think we got three-
  • Dave: And Rick’s selling a lot of great farms all over the state. And folks, we’d love to help any of you sell farms anywhere in the Southeast United States. And appreciate you watching this video review, and encourage you to listen to the entire Land Show with Dave and Johnny.

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