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What is an Accredited Land Consultant (ALC)

Jonathan Goode Accredited Land Consultant, ALC in Alabama

When you are searching for a land broker to assist you with buying or selling land, you may have noticed that some of them advertise themselves as Accredited Land Consultants (ALC). You may have wondered “What is an ALC, and why is that important?” This article will provide a little information about what an ALC is and what that means for you.

What is an Accredited Land Consultant? The ALC is a designation offered by the Realtors Land Institute (RLI) for land brokers and agents who have demonstrated professionalism, land sales experience and a commitment to gaining education about the many facets of land brokerage. This designation is based on a strenuous set of requirements that must be met by brokers across the nation, and each broker must take and pass a comprehensive exam on a broad range of land-related issues.

What is the advantage of dealing with an ALC? ALC’s have demonstrated their commitment to the land brokerage profession by taking nearly 100 hours of land specific courses, have documented over $10,000,000 in personal land sales, and have been recommended and reviewed by brokers across the nation. ALC’s are knowledgeable and experienced in making land deals happen. They can put their know-how and network to work for you. There are plenty of good land brokers and agents that do not have the ALC designation, so this is in no way is meant to slight anyone else. Out of thousands of licensed real estate agents, there are currently only 17 ALC’s in the whole state of Alabama.

Southeastern Land Group currently has 2 ALC’s, Dave Milton and Jonathan Goode. We have several other candidates that are very near to earning their ALC designation. Almost all of the SELG team is a member of the Alabama Chapter of the Realtors Land Institute. This helps our clients and customers because our team is building our knowledge base and expanding our network of brokers so that when we need help finding you the right property to buy or a purchaser for a tract we are helping you sell, we can reach out to other professionals across the state and the nation.

Please feel free to contact SELG for any of your land buying or selling needs in Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida.

Written by: Jonathan Goode, ALC and licensed broker in Alabama and Mississippi.

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