The Wall Street Journal published an article last week that has caught the attention of many landowners or those who are considering making a timberland investment. This week I have been tagged by friends and followers in posts and comments on Facebook to ask my thoughts about it. The article is entitled “Thousands of Southerners Planted Trees for Retirement. It Didn’t Work.”

Ryan Dezember, the author of the article, makes some very insightful observations and reports on broad trends in the Southeastern pine timberland markets. I tend to agree with many of his statements in a broad sense, and am glad to know he has ties to Alabama when he was previously a writer for the Mobile Press Register. You should read his article in full before going any farther in this post. Also from the outset let me disclose that I am not a forester, economist, accountant, or attorney.  Everything below is solely my opinion based on years of observation as a broker of Alabama timberland, and is not legal, forestry, accounting, or other professional advice.

Mr. Dezember makes three points that are virtually indisputable on a large scale across the Southeast.

  • In many places in the Southeast the supply of standing pine timber far exceeds the demand or capacity of the local mills.
  • This “glut of timber” has caused the price for timber to go down in many parts of the Southeast.
  • Some institutional investors and individual landowners have lost money, significant money, in their timberland investments in recent years.

That all sounds like bad news. However, what if someone told you “Go invest your money in the stock market.” That is a broad and daunting task for the novice investor. Are there still any stocks that are winners in a declining market? Sure there are. You just have to know what to look for. The same is true for investing in timberland. Here are some elementary things you can do to increase your chances of making a good pine timberland investment.

  • Find land with quality soils. The better the soils, the better and faster that you will generally be able to grow timber. Look for soils with a high site index for loblolly pines. Soils that will grow genetically superior loblolly to 90′ to 100′ in 25 years are highly desirable.
  • Locate close to several mills. Loggers generally tell me that you cannot haul timber more than 75 miles and the landowner or loggers make any money. Locating land close to one or more mills, along good roads, increases your potential to make a good investment. The closer you are to the mill, the less money the loggers spend on hauling, and the more money goes into the landowners pocket. The money paid to the landowner for their cut timber is called“stumpage”. Locating close to more than one mill means that you have several mills competing for your wood, and you are likely to be able to get a higher price when it is time to sell your land
  • Find sites that can be logged in wet weather. Locating an upland property that can be logged during the winter months is a great way to increase your chances of making a good timber investment. Timber harvesting equipment is heavy and will bog down in the mud during the wet season. Having well drained soils that can be navigated during rainy weather is a real plus. Mills tend to pay the most during the wet season because that is when they have the most difficult time getting wood to their yards. Look for tracts that are loggable (suitable for logging) during winter and have access to good dirt roads or paved roads.
  • Invest for the Long Haul. Pine trees have been genetically enhanced to grow to maturity faster than ever before. You can now reach a full growing cycle in 25-30 years. But trees still take a long time to reach maturity compared to a stock or mutual fund. Allowing yourself some flexibility on the length of the investment can pay big dividends if you can time the harvest of your timber sale to correspond with higher market prices. Some institutional investors have a fixed window of time in which they must generate a given rate of return. If your fund length is 10-12 years, but your timber needs 15 years to reach maturity, then your fund is likely to suffer. Give yourself plenty of time to take full advantage of the biological growth of the trees and the corresponding higher prices in the timber markets. Giving a tree another year or two of growth may allow the tree to move up into another age class, meaning it can be sold at a higher price because it can be used for a product that requires a larger tree.

The good news for small to medium sized investors is that you can avoid some of the problems that have plagued institutional buyers. Timberland Investment Management Organizations (TIMO’s) are given the difficult task of going and Finding a large package of timberland to Purchase on behalf of their client, Manage the fund for 10-15 years, and then Sell with guaranteed returns. Often these packages are 10,000 acres up to 100,000 acres. It is difficult to pick the very best pieces of land when you take that approach. To some degree you have to take what is available on the market at the time. Smaller landowners can be much more surgical in their selection of prime pine timberland.

In my opinion pine timberland can still be a good investment. Like every other investment you need to educate yourself on the topic, research the options, and enlist the help of a team to help with your purchase. Southeastern Land Group has a Timber Sales Division with registered foresters that can assist you in making a sound timberland investment. Our team of brokers and agents helps people buy and sell thousands of acres of timberland around the Southeast every year. We will be happy to assist you in your search for a good timberland investment. Please let us know how we can be helpful to you with your land investment needs.

Written by: Jonathan Goode is an Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) and licensed land broker in Alabama and Mississippi. He co-hosts the weekly radio program and podcast, The Land Show, that covers many of these topics for people interested in buying or selling land in Alabama.

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White Oak Valley Plantation | 2700 acres +/- of Land for Sale in Chilton County, AlabamaPrivate land ownership is a privilege that, as percentages go, very few people in the whole history of the world have had the opportunity to enjoy. The United States was founded on the principle of private property ownership, and it is a right we still enjoy today.

The reasons why people purchase land vary widely. In my experience, there is usually a combination of factors, and a shared ethos that drives the decision to acquire rural real estate. Below are some of the most common reasons people contact me for purchasing rural properties.

1. Recreational Enjoyment- Hunting, fishing, horseback riding, bird watching, hiking, shooting sports, and simply getting away to the outdoors are some of the main drivers for purchasing your own property.
2. Farming and Agribusiness- These are the folks that truly “live off the land”. Cultivating crops, raising livestock, tending poultry houses, or running an “Agri-tainment” business drives these purchases. This type buyer earns their living from what they produce and sell.
3. Timberland Investments- Timberland has historically been a great way to invest money for the long term. Pine timber can generally grow through its life cycle and produce income for its owner over a 25-30 year period. Timberland can usually produce modest and predictable returns when it is well managed.
4. Conservation- Protecting the beauty or resources of a property, in perpetuity, is very appealing. You want to see future generations enjoy the land in much the same way you see it now.
5. Homesteading- Growing your own food, passing along your values to your children, and enjoying a simpler way of life fuels the demand for these properties. Few things in life provide the same satisfaction as being more self-sustaining. Clean air and clean living out in the country is an appealing thought to many.
6. Building Wealth- “I want to have something to leave my family when I’m gone.” This is a common refrain for people who want to invest in a tangible asset that will be able to be sold at some point in the future.
7. Preserving Capital- For those who have acquired wealth through the sale of a business or more volatile investments such as the stock market, investing in land can provide a more stable hedge against inflation and the caprice of global markets.
8. Rural Heritage- For those who grew up on a farm, or have great memories of their visits to the farm, reclaiming a bit of your past is an exciting prospect. Reliving your memories and creating new ones with the ones you love motivates you to invest in land and your family.
9. Tax Benefits- There are benefits to purchasing land that can help your tax situation. The donation of a Conservation Easement allows you to protect a property and also make a charitable contribution that can be deducted from your income tax over a period of years. 1031 Like Kind Exchanges allow you to sell any property held for investment (commercial, beach rentals, rental houses) and re-invest that property into rural land while deferring capital gains tax.
10. Pride of Ownership- Improving wildlife habitat, building structures, developing water features, giving attention to detail, and doing an honest day’s work gives you a sense of pride at what you have accomplished. Enhancing a property with your time, resources, and effort appeals to your creative nature and provides a sense of enjoyment that like-minded land lovers can appreciate.

This list is by no means exhaustive, and few people ever make a land purchase based solely on one factor. If you find this article resonates with you, you may be a good candidate for making a rural land purchase.

Written by: Jonathan Goode is an Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) and licensed land broker in Alabama and Mississippi. He co-hosts the weekly radio program, The Land Show, that covers many of these topics for people interested in buying or selling land in Alabama.

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Tallahassee, FL

For Immediate Release

On May 30, 2018, Rayonier Atlantic Timber Company purchased 13,220 +\- acres from Wilson Green LLC located in St. Johns and Flagler counties, Florida for $23,982,994. This is one of the largest sales in recent history in the Southeastern United States.

Southeastern Land Group, in partnership with Verdura Properties and Land & Timber Management, Inc. (as advisor), is proud to be a party involved in the sale of this property.

Leading the Southeastern Land Group team for this deal were Daniel Hautamaki, Florida agent, and Rick Bourne, Florida broker. Southeastern Land Group is one of the largest and most successful land brokerage firms in the Southeast with over $83M in sales in 2017. With 29 agents licensed in 6 states, and strategic partnerships across the spectrum of land-related industries, Southeastern Land Group is positioned to help Buyers and Sellers achieve their land-oriented goals whether on 13 or 13,000 acres.

Contact: Daniel Hautamaki, 850-688-0814,

The Land Report MagazineAlabama offers some of the best hunting and fishing anywhere in the nation. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy lots of time in the wild hunting water fowl, migratory birds, deer, turkeys, wild hogs, or fishing in our numerous rivers, lakes, streams, farm ponds, estuaries, and even the Gulf of Mexico. Our state offers a rich diversity of outdoor recreational opportunities.

Because we have so many devotees to all things outdoors, Alabama has some great outdoor publications. Below is a list of a few of the periodicals devoted to giving you the scoop on how to get more enjoyment from your time in the field or on the water.

Alabama Outdoor News- AON is by far the most comprehensive and most popular outdoor publication in Alabama.Their Truck Buck Shootout has been wildly popular with readers through the years.. They offer some amazing prizes for subscribers that harvest the largest deer each week during the long Alabama white tail season. If you can only subscribe to one outdoor publication in Alabama, this is the one I recommend.

Alabama Outdoor News MagazineBassmaster– Bassmaster has been a favorite in Alabama and the standard by which many other outdoor publications are judged. Since being founded by Ray Scott in 1967, it has become the “Bible of bass fishermen”. Ray Scott also founded the Whitetail Institute of North America.

Buckmasters– Jackie Bushman, a native of Alabama, founded Buckmasters in an effort “to unite America’s deer hunters.” You can find information about most anything related to whitetail deer hunting in Buckmasters’ glossy pages. The Buckmasters Expo in Montgomery is a destination event for many readers every August.

Outdoor Alabama Magazine– The Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resourcescreated this magazine as a way to “share the wonder” of our great state. You will find helpful articles on many recreational activities, state parks, and wildlife-related information. It is particularly helpful that much of what is written highlights information from a regulatory viewpoint. Readers can gain practical insights about hunting, baiting, and game management within the guidelines of the DCNR and Fish and Wildlife Services.

The Land Report– :”The Magazine of the American Landowner” brings some of the most interesting interviews with the most recognizable landowners in America. The properties they feature are the most desirable and luxurious available across the nation. Two of their most popular editions annually are “The 100 Largest Landowners” and “America’s Best Brokers”. We appreciate The Land Report being a sponsor of The Land Show.

Great Days Outdoors– GDO highlights many facets of hunting and fishing in Alabama, especially along the Gulf Coast.

Other notable publications and websites include:




General Outdoor Information

I hope you find this information helpful. Southeastern Land Group advertises our land for sale in Alabama with many of these publications. If you would like to learn more about the rural land market in Alabama, you can follow our blog or check out our website.

Written by: Jonathan Goode is an Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) and licensed land broker in Alabama and Mississippi. He co-hosts the weekly radio program, The Land Show, that covers many of these topics for people interested in buying or selling land in Alabama.

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Alabama Land for Sale at Outdoor Expos | Southeastern Land GroupIf you have been thinking of selling your rural land, now is a great time to get it on the market! Each summer, Southeastern Land Group attends numerous hunting and farm expos around the Southeast to advertise our clients’ properties. If you are thinking of buying a piece of rural land, stop by and talk to any of our land brokers and agents. They will be happy to answer questions about specific properties or the land-buying process.

We try to do more than any other land company to get your property in front of all prospective buyers. We print and display fliers of land for sale, we use our 42″ touch screen to allow people to get a first-hand aerial view of all property listings on TerraPlat, and we have a tv showing all of our high-end property showcases of farms for sale.

Below is a list of the shows where we will be advertising land this summer. You still have time to get your property in the shows, but you must ACT NOW. Contact us today, and let our team of Land Brokers and Agents help you sell your land.

2018 Outdoor Expos where we will be advertising Your LandWorld Deer Expo | Land for Sale in Alabama | Southeastern Land Group

Tennessee Valley Hunting and Fishing Expo
July 6-8  Huntsville, AL

World Deer Expo
July 13-15 Birmingham, AL

Florida Deer and Turkey Expo
July 20-22 Lakeland, FL

Georgia Outdoor News Outdoor Blast
July 27-29 Duluth, GA

ALFA Farm and Land Expo
August 4  Montgomery, AL

Buckmasters Expo
August 17-19 Montgomery, AL

Sunbelt Ag Expo
October 16-18  Moultrie, GA

Don’t miss your opportunity to get your land in front of thousands of prospective buyers. Contact us today!

Written by: Jonathan Goode is an Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) and licensed land broker in Alabama and Mississippi. He co-hosts the weekly radio program, The Land Show, that covers many of these topics for people interested in buying or selling land in Alabama.

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Land for Sale in the Talladega National ForestWe have all heard that “good fences make good neighbors.” I submit to you that good forests make great neighbors.

“Why are forests such good neighbors?”, you ask. Consider some of the following reasons you might want to own private property that borders the National Forest lands.

1. Property Lines are Clearly Marked. The Forest Service does a phenomenal job of surveying and marking the property boundaries of their lands. Not only do they paint the trees on the boundaries, but they place Forest boundary signs at close intervals so everyone knows where the Forest stops and private lands begin.

2. Owning land adjoining the Forest allows you to use your land and the Forest too. Much of the National Forest is open to the public for hunting, hiking, and other recreational use. This allows you to own a small property and have access to a much larger tract of land.  This is particularly true of large sections of the Forest that are land-locked by private individuals. If there is no public access into the Forest, then public use in that area is generally very limited. I currently have a 120 acre parcel listed for sale in east Perry County, AL that borders the National Forest on all sides, making it a great opportunity to create a wildlife sanctuary in a very remote area. Because most parts of the National Forest do not allow the clearing of land for food plots, creating good forage for the wildlife in these areas almost guarantees they will come on your land.

120 acres of Land for Sale in Perry County, Alabama3. The National Forest is usually well-managed. The Forestry Service does a good job of managing the forests for wildlife and sustainable habitat. They conduct prescribed burns or thin trees as needed. The Forest roads can be rough, but are generally well-maintained. Forest officials can offer suggestions on your land, and in my experience are willing to be as helpful as possible with tips for you to improve the quality of your forest or habitat.

4. Game Wardens patrol the National Forest Lands. These patrols cut down on trespassing and poaching on private and public lands. Officers routinely engage hunters to check for licenses and bag limits, and this is well-known by those who would seek to circumvent the law. Owning land near the Forest gives the added element or feeling of security on your property.

Where I live, in Perry County, Alabama there are about 745 square miles of land, and according to the U.S. Forestry Service about 32,661 acres (51 square miles or 6% of the county) is owned by the Talladega National Forest. I currently have several good tracts of hunting land for sale either bordering or near the Talladega National Forest. You can visit my listings page to see some of these quality properties.

Written by: Jonathan Goode is an Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) and licensed land broker in Alabama and Mississippi. He co-hosts the weekly radio program, The Land Show, that covers many of these topics for people interested in buying or selling land in Alabama.

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Are you beginning your search of rural land for sale in Alabama? Many first time land buyers go through a buying process that often takes 6 months to 2 years before making their first purchase. Helping people move through the land buying process is something I love to do. Getting educated on land and the land buying process is essential for you to making your land buying experience a success. Below are some helpful tips for how to make your first land purchase.

I deal with many first-time land buyers who are in the early stages of their search. As with many other things that you do for the first time, sometimes you don’t even know the right questions to ask. So this article is aimed at helping you have a decent starting point from which to begin your search.

1. What type of property are you looking for, and what features should it have? Sit down with a pad and paper and think through the reasons you are buying the property. Is it an investment for retirement? Is it primarily for recreation or hunting? Do you intend to build on the property? What features are non-negotiables? (ie… water, power, road frontage, timber, joining National Forest). Many times you will need to see several different properties to get an idea of what you like and what you do not like.

2. Who loans money for rural land, and what are their terms? Typically we point people toward a few companies in Alabama that specialize in rural land loans: First South Farm Credit, Alabama Farm Credit, and Alabama Ag Credit. For specific loan information you should contact them directly. Generally they will finance property with 15% to 25% down and they can amortize a property out to 20 years. Interest rates are generally slightly higher than residential mortgage rates. You might also check with your local banks or credit unions.

3. How can I educate myself on buying land before I actually go look at properties? There are lots of wrinkles to buying rural properties, and it is better to avoid getting an education in the school of hard knocks if possible. Southeastern Land Group has a weekly radio show and podcast, The Land Show, devoted to helping people learn about the process of buying and selling land in Alabama.  I would recommend visiting to “Get Land Smart“. This site features scores of articles devoted to providing information to buyers and sellers on a wide range of topics. These articles are written by professionals in many different disciplines pertaining to rural land.

Additionally, you should find a land professional in your area who can give you some good advice and steer you in the right direction. Be aware if you call a listing agent on a particular property,  that agent generally is already working for the seller. This means that often the agent has the best interest of the seller in mind, and may not be able to provide the professional advice you desire. It is possible to enlist the help of a buyer’s agent who will exclusively represent your interests. This is not required, but might prove to be helpful. In Alabama, a real estate agent should disclose to you at the first meeting how they will be working with you. (ie… seller’s agent, working with you as a buyer’s agent, dual agent representing both parties, or working with you as a transaction broker) This disclosure is required by Alabama real estate law.

Land for Sale on the Cahaba River in Perry County, AlabamaGeneral Advice about buying rural land:

1. Shop with an “exit strategy” in mind. Buy a property that you can re-sell if you need to in the future. Find a tract with features that others will find desirable. Many landowners I am representing today were not expecting to need to sell five years ago.

2. Educate yourself as before going to preview rural land; then while you are looking at land listen to what the agent has to say.  Don’t feel pressured to impress the agent with how much you know about buying rural land. Ask questions, listen, and learn from the agent you are spending time with. If it sounds like the agent is “puffing” or trying to pressure you into something, find another agent you feel comfortable with.

3. Get your ducks in a row at the start. Abraham Lincoln is reported as saying, “If I had eight hours to cut down a tree, I would spend the first six hours sharpening my axe.” If you will do your homework early in the process, you will be ready to make the purchase when presented with the right property. You can avoid pitfalls that can be frustrating or costly down the road.

If you are searching for rural land in Alabama, contact our team to see how we can be helpful to you. Southeastern Land Group has over 550 different pieces of rural land for sale in Alabama, so contact us today.

Written by: Jonathan Goode is an Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) and licensed land broker in Alabama and Mississippi. He co-hosts the weekly radio program, The Land Show, that covers many of these topics for people interested in buying or selling land in Alabama.

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Southeastern Land Group would like to congratulate Jeffrey Hardy and John Hardin on earning the prestigious Accredited Land Consultant designation. Land brokers and agents who earn the Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) designation have demonstrated intense commitment to their profession by completing 104 hours of land specific education from the Realtors Land Institute (RLI) and closing over $10 million in land transactions. Currently there are only about 506 Realtors in the whole country and only about 20 in Alabama that have earned their ALC designation. Southeastern Land Group now has 5 ALC’s: Dave Milton, Jack Gabriel, Jeffrey Hardy, John Hardin, and Jonathan Goode.

Jeffrey explains his decision to earn the designation, “I chose to pursue the ALC designation to stand out among the growing number of Realtors in my area.  I wanted to provide the best service and knowledge I could to my clients and customers.” Jack Gabriel describes his experience as an ALC as follows, “As an ALC  you have proven that you are not only a land professional, but you are an expert. This coveted designation means that you have met rigorous criteria to be considered one of the best land agents in the country. The ALC designation earns you the respect of sellers and buyers, and leads to wonderful opportunities for networking to coop deal deals with other ALCs and gain referrals of legitimate clientele. I would say achieving the goals to meet the demands for your ALC is the best thing you can do for your career as a land agent. It has lead to big and small deals for me, but most importantly it has lead to wonderful relationships with peers and clients.”

John reflects on the multi-year process of earning the designation, “The Realtors Land Institute provided me with the education, tools, service, advice and future networking opportunities that are the foundation for all land professionals to become the best in the business – to become an Accredited Land Consultant”. Dave Milton, founder of Southeastern Land Group, enthusiastically commended them on their hard-earned achievement, by saying, “I want to congratulate Jeffrey Hardy and John Hardin on becoming Accredited Land Consultants.  Both of these men are already outstanding professionals, and are already recognized as two of the finest Land-focused Realtors in the South.  The ALC designation just amplifies their status as leaders in our company and throughout the broader land sales industry.  Most importantly, John and Jeffrey are both selfless and giving in the three most important roles in their lives which are: daily being outstanding fathers, husbands, and friends.

Southeastern Land Group works hard to be the best full-time land brokerage company in the Southeast. By being active members of the national Realtors Land Institute and Alabama’s RLI chapter, our team stays engaged with everything happening in the land industry. For all of your land buying or selling needs, please reach out to the team at Southeastern Land Group. Congratulations again to Jeffrey and John on their well-deserved recognition.

Written by: Jonathan Goode is an Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) and licensed land broker in Alabama and Mississippi. He co-hosts the weekly radio program, The Land Show, that covers many of these topics for people interested in buying or selling land in Alabama.


Cahaba River Cattle Farm for Sale in Dallas County, ALIf you own land, or are contemplating buying or selling land in Alabama, you need a basic understanding of Alabama’s probate courts. The legal system and process varies a great deal from state to state. Alabama’s court system includes Probate Courts, which are considered courts of limited jurisdiction along with municipal courts, small claims courts, juvenile courts, and district courts.  Each of Alabama’s 67 counties has a probate court,  which according to the Alabama Bar Association, has jurisdiction over matters dealing with wills, estates, real property, mental illness, and adoption. Given the matters under their jurisdiction, the probate courts are very important to land owners and their ability to sell and prove clear title to property.

The word “Probate” comes from the Latin word, “probare” which means “to prove“. In the late 1700’s this term came to specifically mean “to prove a will“.  The purpose of proving a will is to show rightful ownership of property and allow for the appropriate disposition of it. The basic process of “probating a will” or proving the will, is opening probate, administering probate, and then closing probate. You likely need the help of an attorney familiar with estate law to guide you through the process. Every courthouse in the state has a probate office where the legal records such as deeds, birth and death certificates, marriage certificates, mortgages, liens, mineral and timber leases, easements of record, and property judgments are kept and made available to the public. Many counties now have at least a portion of their public records digitized and indexed on a computer. Some of the county courthouses around the state have suffered devestating fires through the years, and important documents were lost. For some land records from 1800 to 1950, the Alabama Secretary of State’s Office has a searchable tool to help you locate older items. Alabama became a state in 1819, and many probate offices will have documents dating back to the original patent of the land from the state to the first owner. Some of the earlier property records are also maintained by the Alabama Department of Archives and History.

My hope is that this article gives you a little better understanding of Alabama’s probate court system, and how it can be helpful to you as a landowner. Probate judges are elected officials that serve 6 year terms. They provide a valuable service to the people of your county, so electing the right judge is very important to the conduct of real estate business in your county.

Written by: Jonathan Goode is an Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) and licensed land broker in Alabama and Mississippi. He co-hosts the weekly radio program, The Land Show, that covers many of these topics for people interested in buying or selling land in Alabama.

 Southeastern Land Group is now using Dotloop to serve clients buying or selling landSoutheastern Land Group is committed to helping our clients and customers improve their experience of buying or selling land. We recently started using Dotloop in an effort to offer better service to our clients. Dotloop is an online service that allows you to view and sign documents electronically from your computer, phone, or mobile device. Our team of agents and brokers can now provide an even higher level of service by increasing the speed and efficiency of sending listing agreements, purchase agreements, or other documents to you for your review and electronic signature.

Dotloop custom signature for Jonathan Goode with Southeastern Land GroupHow it works- There is no cost to you as the user, and there are no special apps to download to your device. Your agent will send you an email with your documents attached. Each person that will e-sign the document must have their own email address for authentication and verification purposes. You will open the email, and click the button that says, “review and sign“. You will be prompted to “adopt a signature” and initials. You can choose to use the one on the screen or create your own custom signature. You simply click “sign” on each place highlighted for you in the document, and you are done. It could not be any easier.

Our aim is to provide the most professional level of service to help you complete your land transaction smoothly. Dotloop increases efficiency, saves you time, is more secure, and creates a more positive land selling or buying experience. Our team is in the process of adding this technology, and about 15-20 of our agents participated in training on the program yesterday. Our SELG team works hard to offer you the highest level of service, and Dotloop is one more way we are doing that. We look forward to helping you with all of your land buying or selling needs.

Written by: Jonathan Goode is an Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) and licensed land broker in Alabama and Mississippi. He co-hosts the weekly radio program, The Land Show, that covers many of these topics for people interested in buying or selling land in Alabama.