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The Land Show Explores Conservation Easements

the land showThis week on The Land Show, Dave Milton interviews Ronald Levitt of Sirote and Permutt on the issue of Conservation Easements. Mr. Levitt is a nationally recognized expert on the topic of conservation easements, and frequently advises his clients in regards to planning and defending easements. He has written numerous articles about the topic that can be found on their company blog.

Conservation easements are a tool that the IRS allows landowners to use for conservation and preservation purposes on their property to help protect it in perpetuity. In exchange for donating (extinguishing) some of the owner’s rights, such as: mineral or gravel mining, real estate development, timber harvest or other rights to a land trust, then the owner is allowed some tax benefit. This tool can be a great opportunity to shelter some income for high-net worth individuals or high earners while promoting conservation of their property. Conservation easements can be a good avenue to take advantage of tax savings while continuing to enjoy a property.

Please listen to the interview with Mr. Levitt on Episode 7 of The Land Show to hear how he answers questions relating to conservation easements. The show can be heard weekly on Saturday mornings on stations around the state of Alabama. For more information on Conservation Easements or to find a property that might be a suitable candidate for an easement, please contact one of our agents in your area at 866-751-LAND.

Written by: Jonathan Goode– Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) and licensed broker with Southeastern Land Group in Alabama and Mississippi