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The Land Show Episode 246

This Week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

  • Special Agent John Williams with the Alabama Agricultural Rural Crime Unit joins us to discuss how their departments serve rural residents around the state, and some tips on what you can do to prevent being the victim of a crime. Report an incident to them at 855-75-CRIME.
  • Chris Hutzler, owner of Indian Creek Peach Farm, comes on to discuss his peach orchard and gives a great tip on grilling ripe peaches.
  • Robert King delivers our Farmland Report and talks about the recent success of PoultrySouth selling poultry farms across the Southeast, and talks about what is coming in from his garden right now.
  • Brian Watts, President of our Timber Sales Division at Southeastern Land Group, updates us on some recent timber sales in our Timber Talk segment.

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  • Dave – Well, Jonathan, it was another great show, and Happy Fourth of July, my friend.
  • Johnny – Happy Fourth of July. I hope y’all are enjoying your freedoms today.
  • Dave – Yes, sir. Hey, speaking of freedom, we had a great guest on that’s protecting our freedoms. We had a Special Agent John Williams with the Agricultural Rural Crime Unit. And that’s, you know, amazing the things that they’re doing,
  • Johnny – Yeah.
  • Dave – protecting the interest of landowners in Alabama, and cattle theft, timber theft, it was really a fascinating segment.
  • Johnny – It was, it was really cool to hear from them. The contact information for them, if you have particular needs, is given out in the show. And then we have my brother-in-law, Chris Hutzler, on he’s the owner of Indian Creek Peach Farm, He and my sister, Joy. And just interesting to hear. I mean, they took two and a half acres of their 38-acre farm planted 100 peach trees and man it is blowing and going, they’ll sell every basket of those trees this year. So that’s, of those peaches this year. So, it’s neat to see how that place is developed.
  • Dave – Y’all made me hungry with your grilled peach recipe.
  • Johnny – Grilled peaches, oh yeah that’s good.
  • Dave – Oh yeah, that was great. And we had Robert King on, and Robert’s been on the show many times, doing our Farmland Report, and he’s taken over as our Tennessee broker with Southeastern Land Group, and then we get excited about that, a lot of things going on there, and we just talked about the tremendous activity with Poultry South, 12 poultry farms under contract around the South, and he’s really helping a lot of farm families.
  • Johnny – They are, and then we wrapped it up with Brian Watts, who’s the president of our Timber Sales Division with Southeastern Land Group. Got a lot of good stuff going on, except now is an important time, if you’ve got a wet weather logging track, that’s able to be logged in all this summer rain that we’re getting, it’s a good time to do that, and talked about how to merchandise the different types of timber on your property, so it was a good show, man, I’m glad we put this one in the books.
  • Dave – Yeah, it’s a fantastic show, and just keep getting us your questions, and ideas at And as always, we appreciate you watching this review of the show, and be sure to listen to the entire Land Show with David and Johnny.

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