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The Land Show Episode 270

This Week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

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  • Dave – Well, Johnny B, it was another great land show, man. I want to thank Taylor Hart representing one of our sponsors, First South Farm Credit. for being on the show.
  • Taylor – Thank you for having me, sir.
  • Dave– You did a good job. You told us all about all your basketball league sports. Great loan programs.
  • Taylor – That’s right.
  • Dave – That’s it, baby. I like it, but we had a great first guest didn’t we, John.
  • Johnny – We did, we did. We talked to my good friend, Mr. Matt Kelly, the founder of Equip Ministries over in Livingston and they’re doing a fantastic job introducing folks to the outdoors and then also the hope of Christ and I really enjoyed talking to Matt. Good fellow.
  • Dave – Yeah, that was great. Man, our second guest just always makes me hungry. I got to go eat, go eat something good. And it has to be good because if she’s bringing up an idea and a recipe it’s going to be good. Ms. Stacy Lyn Harris, with all her outdoor channel show that she’s on. And her website, Is that right?
  • Johnny – Yup, that’s right.
  • Dave – And great ideas. Great wild game recipes, prime rib recipes. It was unbelievable.
  • Johnny – It was tasty. And then we went to the big man, Mr. Randall Upchurch who’s actually growing all that beef, raising that beef and he was headed up to Pulaski, Tennessee today to transport some cows but Randall gave us a good farmland report. Always interesting when you’re talking to somebody that’s in it day in and day out, not someone that’s talking about it, but somebody that’s–
  • Dave – Yeah, he was talking about the embryo transplant real, real interesting AI stuff. And then we closed it out with Mr. Taylor. You were a great basketball player probably could have been a closer pitcher too. Right?
  • Taylor – In my mind.
  • Dave – If you wanted to be in your mind, right.
  • Taylor – I can get better every year.
  • Dave – Taylor, closed it out. We talked about all the great things with First South Farm Credit and folks we had a great show today and appreciate you all watching this video review and encourage you to listen to the entire Land Show with Dave and Johnny.

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