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The Land Show Episode 337

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  • Dave: Jonathan, we had a good Land Show and it was good to see you again.
  • Johnny: Good to be back. We’ve had things that have kind of taken us in different directions the last few weeks. So it is good to be back, but we started out with our good friend, Robert King, who recently received the National Agribusiness Broker of the Year Award from the Realtors Land Institute. That’s a big deal, man. Robert’s a great land broker.
  • Dave: Yeah. I tell you, he’s he’s one of the best. He was also our top producer in the company. You were number two right behind him. Y’all were-
  • Johnny: Well, if you got to lose to somebody, Robert’s a good one to lose to.
  • Dave: Well y’all were neck and neck, so you both had tremendous years this past year in 2021, and also we had 12 APEX Award winners.
  • Johnny: We did. 12 out of 203 in the country. So, we appreciate all of our customers and clients giving us the opportunity. And then we had a great guest on from the Alabama Forestry Commission, Mr. Ethan Barrett, talk to us about wildfires and a lot of the things that have been happening around the state over the last six or eight weeks, and what landowners can do to kind of prevent some of those forest fires on your property.
  • Dave: Yeah, he gave us some great information. I didn’t realize there had been as many forest fires this year and it’s been-
  • Johnny: 260, I think.
  • Dave: 7,000 acres, I had no idea. So just, we need to be aware and take precaution and hire professionals when needed. And then we went to close to your part of the world there in Chilton County, not too far from where you live in Perry County, a great friend of yours, great friend of your family, Ms. Taylor Hatchet with Boozer Farms talked about her CSA program and a new way that she’s going to structure it and it sounded exciting.
  • Johnny: Yeah, it was. And then we stayed there in Thorsby and Chilton County and talked to Ms. Whitney Barlow with the first ever Chilton County Strawberry Festival. You made the good observation that if she’s not the mayor of Thorsby, she should be.
  • Dave: And no offense to the mayor of Thorsby. I’m sure-
  • Johnny: Yeah, but she has a lot of passion for that area.
  • Dave: She could be the mayor of Thorsby. I’m sure they have a good mayor.
  • Johnny: Be a special assistant or something, for sure.
  • Dave: Unbelievable what they’re doing their first year in the strawberry festival.
  • Johnny: It’s a lot of stuff. I’ll be there later this afternoon, so I’m looking forward to seeing that.
  • Dave: Well, what she’s doing with the strawberry festival kind of reminds me of the way that I fed these folks from Colorado that came to our National Wild Turkey Federation hunt that we did this past weekend up at my camp. I had Mr. Ken Peters was our lead guide, Calvin Perryman, William Line, Scott Mills all helped out, did a tremendous job helping to guide these folks from Colorado and Ohio and had a great hunt, a great fishing trip on Talapoosa River. We just want to support the National Wild Turkey Federation because it truly is one of the finest conservation groups in the United States.
  • Johnny: Well, they invest that money back in Alabama.
  • Dave: They do.
  • Johnny: And man, it was good to be with you. We appreciate y’all tuning in to the Land Show. Check out the whole episode. Thanks for watching this video and let us know if we can be helpful to you with any of your land needs.

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