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Purchasing land can be a major monetary investment, so why not get a great rate of return by transforming your property into a commercial enterprise? There are a wide variety of options available for entrepreneurs and investors looking to start a business opportunity.

If your goal is to establish an industrial or factory business, then starting off with a cleared piece of land may be your best bet. From there, you can build a facility that suits your company’s unique needs. Southeastern Land Group offers listings that feature railways nearby, convenient proximity to the highway and more.

For more customer-facing businesses, such as automotive shops and grocery markets, we also offer real estate that includes already existing commercial sites or transitional property. That way you can start with a good outline of your premises, but have the freedom to customize it as you see fit. Many of our listings include highway frontage for greater visibility, along with small-town location options for less overhead costs.

Land being available for commercial use is subject to an environmental assessment. One of our agents would be happy to walk you through considerations related to Phase 1 and Phase 2 Environmental Assessments. These assessments include tests, such as soil sampling and vapor surveys, that evaluate the environmental impact of commercial property at this location.

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