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Make your homesteading dreams of rural living come true by purchasing your own mini farm property. By investing in a rural piece of real estate, you have a world of opportunities for building a unique space that fits all your needs. Whether you’re looking to start supplying a farm to table restaurant or building a community supported agriculture excites you, we can help you find the right fit.

Southeastern Land Group’s listings include mini farms that range in size from a few acres to nearly 50. Many of these are utilized for growing popular area crops such as corn, soybeans, pecans, peanuts and more. Fruit can be produced by investing in an orchard, which often feature local specialties like peaches and apples.

If you’re looking to get into animal agriculture, the wide-open spaces available in many of our listings is the ideal setting for free-range areas or more confined farm buildings. Raise chickens to produce poultry broilers and eggs, invest in hogs to make pork products or rear cows to manufacture beef and milk.

To make your small farm picture-perfect, don’t forget about your buildings on the range. Barns and horse stables are a necessity for many buyers, plus ranch style homes are often included in many listings due to them being transitional properties. So whether it’s a giant garden you’re after, or you want to become a go-to vendor at the local farmers’ market, Southeastern Land Group can assist in finding the right mini farm for you.

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