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Mountain land is the ideal setting for a second home, a hunting lodge, or a long-term investment. Southeastern Land Group has a portfolio of mountain properties across the south including properties with scenic views and wildlife. We have properties with water features ranging from mountain streams and ponds to rivers and lake frontage. Mountain properties frequently offer the best of rural life along with some amenities that aren’t usually available outside cities. Mountain towns across the south vary from heavily trafficked tourist destinations to quaint villages with just enough tourist traffic to support some of the best dining in the south and folk art. With our wide selection of mountain properties, you can find the mix of access to wilderness and civilization that suits you. The central and southern Appalachian Mountains are home to a remarkable variety of flora and fauna. The area is home to 198 species that are considered to be threatened or endangered, and at least 64 migratory bird species pass through the area on their annual journies. The mountains of the southeast are one of the premier destinations in the world for birders and nature lovers of all types. Southeastern Land Group’s agents work with you to help find the ideal setting that aligns with your dreams and goals for mountain land. They will ask questions to understand your hopes for access to wildlife, water, and civilization. Contact us today or browse our property gallery to find your ideal mountain property.

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