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Remember Your Rural Heritage

Squirrel huntersGrowing up in a small town, visiting your grandparent’s farm during summer vacation, wading cold creeks, sitting on a deer stand, watching a bobber dance on the surface of a farm pond, feeding carrots to the horses, picking tomatoes from the vine, climbing to the bows of a magnolia, stalking up on a covey of quail, eating an apple fresh off the tree, playing king of the hill on bales of hay, filling glass jars with glowing fireflies, sitting around a campfire and laughing with friends, paddling a canoe over rushing shoals, waking up early for work or play, riding side-seat on a tractor, skipping rocks on the lake, crawling under a barbwire fence, grasping the rough lip of a largemouth bass, dusty dirt roads in the bed of a truck, the freshest food you’ve ever put in your mouth by a woman that could cook better than anything you’ve ever had since, the fellowship of a great dove hunt, crossing a creek on a fallen log bridge, learning what a good day’s work really is, the pounding of your heart as a gobbler thunders mere feet from you, the companionship of a great dog, having to undress outside because you are filthy from head to toe, playing in the rain, feeling the burning cold wind on your cheeks and loving it, patting your pants legs and dust pluming out, wearing gloves because your hands were tender, going barefoot because your feet were tough, shooting guns at empty soda cans, whittling sticks with your very own pocket knife, facing challenges that you weren’t sure you were ready to conquer, making memories you’ll never forget, sharing stories that make everyone laugh, a finger pinch from a crawdad, a peck from a chicken, a scratch from a cat, running from the bull, leaping at the sight of a snake underfoot, dirt under fingernails, a tire swing, tying knots, the sound an arrow makes leaving the bow, the thrill of the first kill, the first taste of food you harvested, naps in the warm sun, summer nights on a screened porch, the first nip of autumn, tracking game in the snow, juicy peach dripping from your chin, simple, slow-paced, authentic, honorable, hard-working, wanting to relive, worth passing along,.

If these are similar to your memories and if you want to pass this along to those you love, contact the team at Southeastern Land Group. We know it, we live it, we can help you find the right place to share what you value with those you love.

Written by: Jonathan Goode is an Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) with Southeastern Land Group and is a licensed broker in Alabama and Mississippi