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The Land Show Episode 190

This Week On The Land Show

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Dave Milton:  Well Jonathan, it was another great show, man. We started off with your old fruit picking buddy from growing up.

Jonathan Goode:  That’s right. Steve Tally with Tally’s Fruit Farms in Northeast Alabama. It’s always good to have him on, talking about what’s going on. It sounds like it’s gonna be a bumper peach crop up in North Alabama. And you got fired up about Sand Mountain tomatoes.

Dave Milton:  Man, you can’t beat Sand Mountain tomatoes. I can’t wait for some vine-ripe tomatoes from Sand Mountain. We’re gonna have to make a road trip. And then, you know, then we caught ole Captain David Hare out on Lake Martin, that was a lot of fun. He was guiding some folks from Pensacola and hooked into a big ole salt water stripe while we were on the air. Lot of fun.

Jonathan Goode:  Yeah, when he started screaming fish on, you know–

Dave Milton:  We had to get off the phone, we had to get off the phone really quick!

Jonathan Goode:  It’s good. Then we went over to Lee County and talked to our good friend Brian Watts, who’s the president of our Southeastern Land Group Timber Sales Division. Brian’s talking about what’s going on with timber sales. And then, also, a price reduction on 884 acres that we have there in Shelby County. It’s a really cool track for hunting and fishing close to Birmingham.

Dave Milton:  Yeah, then we kinda went into Clay County and Marion County at the same time. Then over to Randall Upchurch to talk about his farm in Clay County, and a really, really nice poultry farm, the Adcock Farm there in the Hackelburg community of Marion County. Talked about all the great things going on in Marion County.

Jonathan Goode:  That’s right. And then we wrapped it up with the wild man, Tim Baker. It’s hard to beat talking to Tim. And he’s always got a lot of good stuff going on. And we started talking about some of these outdoor expos that we’ve got coming up starting in July 12th through the 14th, with the Tennessee Valley Hunt and Fishing Expo. We’ll be there. And you can come get your picture made with the big guy. I know he always enjoys that.

Dave Milton:  That’s why I’m on radio.

Jonathan Goode:  But you all come out and see us. We’ll be advertising a lot of properties. We’ll be shaking hands and talking lands. So, make plans to join us there. And we’ll give you more information about the other shows coming up. Thank you all for tuning in. And join us again next week for more of The Land Show with Dave and Johnny.

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