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The Land Show Episode 191

This Week On The Land Show

Brian Watts sits in with Jonathan Goode

  • Lisa Beasley with The Market at Pepper Place in Birmingham talks about the great things going on at their weekly farmers and artisans market.
  • Jimmy Mitchell with Quail Forever talks habitat restoration and the good work their organization is doing to improve quail populations around the state.
  • Daniel Hautamaki updates us on the clean-up operation of the Florida panhandle in our Timber Talk segment.
  • Russ Walters shares how this recent rain is helping their row crops on the family farm.
  • Brian and Jonathan answer a listener question about the alternatives to planting pine trees on your land.

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Jonathan Goode:  Hey, thank y’all for tuning into The Land Show this week. Brian, it was good to have you in. We’ve got Brian Watts with our Timber Sales Division with Southeastern Land Group. He was filling in for Dave today, so appreciate you being in the studio, and felt like we had a good show today.

Brian Watts:  We did. I appreciate you letting me be your wing-man for the day.

Jonathan Goode:  Absolutely, well good deal. We had Lisa Beasley with the market at Pepper Place in Birmingham. Talked about all the fantastic stuff they’ve got going on up there. You really need to check out The Pepper Place Farmers Market and then we talked to Jimmy Mitchell with Quail Forever.

Brian Watts:  That’s right, Jimmy provided some great information regarding what the Habitat Restoration throughout the state with Quail Forever. We appreciate him being on the show.

Jonathan Goode:  Yeah, and then we went down to the panhandle of Florida and talked to our good friend, Daniel Hautamaki, and he gave us an update on all the things that are happening with the recovery of the timber lands down there, and, man, that Hurricane Michael was extremely devastating, and he gave us a good update on some of that stuff. And then we went to visit our friend, Russ.

Brian Watts:  Oh, Russ, he’s always good for a good story and an update on peanuts and cotton down towards South Alabama, so, it’s always good to talk to him.

Jonathan Goode:  Yeah, and then Brian answered a listener question about what types of hardwoods you can plant in lieu of planting pines on a property, and you gave us some good information, and then you recently listed a fantastic timber tract.

Brian Watts:  I tell you, speaking of hardwood timber, Scott and Jesse and I listed a phenomenal, phenomenal, Jonathan, you don’t see these. In my career, it’s toward the top as far as a hardwood saw timber type tract in the Pike Row Community. 250 acres, and–

Jonathan Goode:  What county is that in for us listeners?

Brian Watts:  It’s in Montgomery County, and it’s very accessible to the interstate, state highways, but it is loaded in hardwood saw timbers.

Jonathan Goode:  Yeah.

Brian Watts:  And it borders Line Creek on one side of it, it’s got a duck pond, lagoons. If you ever wanna take a look at it, give me a call. I would love to show it to you, because you just don’t see tracts like this.

Jonathan Goode:  Yeah, how many acres, and what price?

Brian Watts:  250 acres listed right at 1.49.

Jonathan Goode:  Okay, so the highest and best use may not necessarily be timberland, and it is one of the fastest growing areas of the state, so that’s a great tract.

Brian Watts:  Absolutely.

Jonathan Goode:  So y’all give Brian Watts a call through the Southeastern Land Group office at 866-751-LAND. And y’all, thanks for tuning in to The Land Show. Lord willing, we’ll do it again next week.

Brian Watts:  Thank you.

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