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The Land Show Episode 192

This Week On The Land Show

  • Chris Nix, Director of the Alligator Program for the Alabama DCNR, joins us to talk about the upcoming alligator season and shares some insights on alligators in our state.
  • John McRae of Hazelrig Orchards in Cleveland, Alabama talks about their family-run fruit and produce operation in Blount County.
  • Randall Upchurch takes a break from his vacation at the beach to give us our Farmland Report.
  • Tim Baker talks about DoeNation Outdoors in our Outdoor Update

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Dave Milton:  Well Jonathan, we had another great show, man, and I appreciate y’all having me as the guest host this afternoon. The Land Show with Johnny and Brian.

Jonathan Goode:  No, that was your one pass, no more misses for the summer.

Dave Milton:  I tried to sell the show but he wouldn’t buy it.

Jonathan Goode:  Well, you’re in the studio.

Dave Milton:  Well, I tell you it was a great first segment, we really appreciate Chris Nix, he’s the head of the Alligator Program for DCNR, for Alabama talking about the tag system, and the hunts, and the alligator population, it was really really interesting.

Jonathan Goode:  Yeah, I wish we had some more time to talk to him I really enjoyed that, and then we went up to an orchard you got to take a look at a couple, or last week.

Dave Milton:  I got to sample.

Jonathan Goode:  The Hazelrig Orchards there.

Dave Milton:  Delicious.

Jonathan Goode:  In Cleveland Alabama, Blount County and a fascinating interview with Mr. John McRae.

Dave Milton:  Yeah and then we called ol’ Randall you know normally he’s in Alabama, and Georgia Mississippi, Tennessee looking at poultry farms, but he was down in PCB with the kids having a good time catching fish and enjoying the beach, but we talked about some great poultry farms, and he always brings good information.

Jonathan Goode:  Yeah and then we wrapped it up with the closer of the Wildman Tim Baker. He was talking about this new program he’s involved with DoeNation Outdoors, and that’s D-O-E Nation Outdoors, and that’s donating some deer to those who are less fortunate. Sounds like a great program, and we appreciate y’all tuning in and this show went by fast.

Dave Milton:  Yeah man, it was great, I appreciate y’all watching this short Podcast and be sure to listen to the rest of the show, we appreciate it.

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