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The Land Show Episode 193

This week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

  • Judy McKinney, owner of the Orville Farmer’s Market, talks about the great things happening at her business in Dallas County, and particularly the Farmapalooza event coming up later this month.
  • Andrew Harp with Alabama Ag Credit comes in studio to discuss recent trends in farm and production loans.
  • William Lyon, broker for Southeastern Estates, discusses some of the recent sales of small farms and properties around the state.
  • Brian Watts talks about some recent timber sales in our Timber Talk segment.
  • Russ Walters fills us in on the latest with row crop prices around the state in our Farmland Report.
  • Tim Baker talks all about shovelhead / flathead catfish in our Outdoor Update.

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Dave Milton: Well, Jonathan, I tell ya, it was another great show, and we started off with a guest in your neck of the woods.

Jonathan Goode: Yeah, Miss Judy McKinney with the Orrville Farmer’s Market there in Dallas County, got a ton of great stuff goin’ on. And then the Farmapalooza comin’ up at the end of this month, so y’all check them out on Facebook, the Orrville Farmer’s Market.

Dave Milton: Yeah, and we stayed in that West Alabama, William Lyon, we talked about all the great things going on with the Southeastern states. William’s doin’ a fantastic job there, all over Alabama with, you know, helpin’ folks with rural estates. And then we had one of our great sponsors on the show.

Jonathan Goode: Yeah, Andrew Harp with Alabama Ag Credit, here out of the Montgomery office, came in and talked to us about some of the land loans that they’re seein’ right now, and those guys do a fantastic job. I mean, they really–

Dave Milton: They do.

Jonathan Goode: They will make your land deal come together, so reach out to the folks at Alabama Ag Credit. And then we went to your part of the world to talk to Brian Watts.

Dave Milton: Yeah, yeah, Big Brian was roamin’ around doing deals and talkin’ about how he really is helpin’ a lot of smaller landowners that don’t know a lot about timber, and keeping them from gettin’ taken advantage of. Brian’s doing a great job. He and Jesse, and the whole team with Timber Sales Division with Southeastern Land Group.

Jonathan Goode: Yeah, they do a good job. And then we went down to Fun-dalusia to talk to Russ Walters in–

Dave Milton: Who knew? Who knew?

Jonathan Goode: Andalusia down in Covington County, and got an update from Russ and his family farm there, and then, man he’s blowing and going with real estate, just a lot going on right now.

Dave Milton: He is, it’s a good market down there, small market, but it’s growing, and there’s so many small towns in Alabama are growing, like Andalusia, and taking advantage of transitional property, mini-farming. And then we closed that with a wild man. But he got a new nickname this week.

Jonathan Goode: That’s right old Flathead–

Dave Milton: Tim “The Flathead” Baker, you have to figure out, you have to listen to figure out what that is, but Tim did a great job bringing us information about preparing catfish, and telling some secret recipes, about some secret locations to extract– to extract the catfish meat that will be interesting to you. But I don’t know if I know how to do it, but I need to learn, but eh…

Jonathan Goode: No, it sounds like it’s good. Well y’all thanks for tuning in, we appreciate you checking out this little short preview. You can listen to the whole Land Show, follow the link below in the email.

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