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The Land Show Episode 194

This Week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

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Dave Milton: Well, Jonathan, it was another great Land Show today. We started off with our good friend Ryan Folk with LANDFLIP, LANDTHINK. They do a great job. Appreciate them sponsoring the show. He brought a lot of great information.

Jonathan Goode: He did, he did. And we had Rick Bourne come in, sit with us. Rick talked about some saltwater fishing. That is a foreign world to me. I don’t know anything about it but they had a lot of success. And then we talked some freshwater fishing.

Dave Milton: Yeah, we did. Chris Wood, who’s part of our team with Southeastern Land Group here in central Alabama. Chris does a great job with Pond Pros, his other business, and does a great job helping pond owners and lake owners all over the southeastern United States.

Jonathan Goode: And then we went down to Houston County, to the big city of Wicksburg, Alabama and talked to Fred Hanners–

Dave Milton: Big Fred!

Jonathan Goode: That’s right. One of our new agents. And he kind of gave us a farmland report, talking about some poultry farms and it’s good hearing from somebody that has done it first hand. Fred and his family own a six house farm and so he knows what he’s talking about it. It’s good to have another one of those poultry folks.

Dave Milton: Oh yeah, yeah. I really appreciate getting your emails, info at Got a great question from Doug about 1031 Exchange. Your favorite number.

Jonathan Goode: That is my favorite number.

Dave Milton: And you gave a great answer.

Jonathan Goode: For sure, for sure. And then we wrapped it up with our good friend Taylor Hart with First South Farm Credit. Appreciated him coming in. Appreciate First South being a great sponsor of The Land Show. And if you have any of your land, loan needs, he said if you like to play in the dirt they want to help finance it. So y’all give them a call. Thank you for tuning in to The Land Show, and Lord willing, Dave and I will be back again next week. If you missed any of the previous episodes go to the info, go to, and check out the podcast section there. You’ll get all the previous episodes. So, catch up on all the good stuff happening with Southeastern Land Group and The Land Show.

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