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The Land Show Episode 196

This week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

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Dave Milton: Well, Jonathan, it was another great show today, and I’m glad to have old Russ come in the studio–

Russ Walters: I show up every once in a while.

Dave Milton: And bring some knowledge and, you know, Russ, you brought a lot of good information about markets and what’s going on, and looks like it’s gonna be an up and down year for farmers.

Russ Walters: It is, it is, but that comes with every year.

Dave Milton: That’s farmin’, and then we had a tremendous first year.

Jonathan Goode: Yeah, our good friend, Stacy Lyn Harris was on the show today, talking about some great recipes from the garden. Y’all, go to Check out all the information. She’s got a lot of freebies and goodies there, things that your taste buds will enjoy, for sure.

Dave Milton: She was making me hungry, that’s for sure. The “Harvest” book is fantastic.

Jonathan Goode: Yeah.

Dave Milton: That’s a great book. And then, we talked about the granddaddy of ’em all. We talked about old Keith Jackson and The Rose Bowl with the Rose Bowl of deer expos is the World Deer Expo coming up next weekend in Birmingham. Been 36 years. Amazing. Zack Brown talked to us about all the good things going on there, and then we got back into farmin’, didn’t we?

Jonathan Goode: That’s right. Robert King talked to us about some of the things that are going on in the Asian markets with the swine fever that’s happening over there, and then we had good info from Russ was updating us on some things that are going on at 3 W Farms, there, in Andalusia.

Dave Milton: Yeah, and then we had to bring in the old closure, the Wild Man. You know, he’s actually gonna be, today, up in Huntsville talking about all the good things going on in the Tennessee Valley. Might even do you a game called “The Wild Man, Tim Baker.” But, y’all just listen to the rest of The Land Show. We appreciate you listening every week, and join us next week for more of The Land Show with Dave and Johnny.

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