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The Land Show Episode 205

This week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

Dave Milton: Well Jonathan, it was a another great show today. Man, jammed packed. Had a good friend on, Brandon Jackson. I know that he’d taken you fly fishing at Riverside Fly Shop there, below Smith Lake Dam on the Tailrace. A tremendous first segment talking about fly fishing and trout fishing in Alabama.

Jonathan Goode: Yeah that was interesting then we went up to North Alabama to Sand Mountain, to my good friend Steve Talley at Talley’s Fruit Farm and talked about all the cool stuff they’ve got going on for the fall. So you’ll definitely want to hear from Steve.

Dave Milton: Yeah and then we came in with Ol’ Big Fred. Big Wiregrass Fred. He always does a great job telling us about all the interesting things going on with the farm economy there in the Wiregrass. He’s got a great 680 acre farm that’s just a tremendous sort of everything place here in Houston County.

Jonathan Goode: He does and then we wrapped it up with the Wild Man, Tim Baker. Talking about some pre-season scouting for your deer there. Getting ready for bow season that’s coming up soon even though it’s 100 degrees outside. It won’t be long. So we appreciate y’all tuning in and how do folks get the info for the show?

Dave Milton: Well, you can help me with a little bit of it, but they… The first thing is give us your questions and Check us out at website. We’re on Spotify, we’re on the Apple store. Your more tech savvy than me, you tell them the way.

Jonathan Goode: Well, just go to and you can get everything there and do subscribe through the Apple store We appreciate y’all tuning in. We’re getting a lot more downloads. Thank y’all for listening and joining us for The Land Show.

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