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The Land Show Episode 299

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This week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

  • Dr. John McCall and Dr. Brian Keener from the University of West Alabama, join us to discuss the Cahaba River Biodiversity Center in Bibb County, Alabama.
  • Dr. Andrew Lovelady, large animal veterinarian, discusses improving cattle herd genetics and artificial insemination techniques.
  • Russ Walters shares an update from their family farm in Covington County, and gives information about a new property for sale near Enterprise.
  • Dave and Jonathan answer a listener question regarding surveys, and when you might need one.

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  • Dave: Well, Jonathan, it was the doctor version of The Land Show today. We had multiple doctors on, and one of ’em was an old friend of yours, an old Professor of yours.
  • Johnny: Yeah Dr. John McCall, who’s now the Dean of Natural Science and Math at the University of West Alabama, was on, talking about the great Cahaba Biodiversity Center that was donated to the University of West Alabama.
  • Dave: Yeah. 2100 acres.
  • Johnny: Yeah. That’s a big four miles of riverfront there; they’ve got a really unique opportunity to do some studies along the Cahaba River. So that was great talking to Dr. John.
  • Dave: Yeah, there was a dog section over in the background here. Hey, and also appreciate Dr. Brian Keener being on the guy who works for them; he’s very, very instrumental. He was very instrumental to getting all this outlined.
  • Johnny: He was. You never know. Always make good relationships with folks. This is the most pet-friendly experience!
  • Dave: We got a lot of dogs running around. Then we went to Dr. Andrew Lovelady, a friend of mine there in Tallapoosa County. We talked about artificial insemination and what he’s doing with cattle. It was really, really interesting. He’s doing a great job, helping cattle farmers all around central Alabama.
  • Johnny: It was. And then we went down to Andalusia, talked to our good friend, Russ Walters. He gave us a farm land report. Like everywhere, they’re getting more rain this year than normal. And he talked about how that’s affecting their row crop for ’em. So it was good hearing from Russ and he had a great property there, just north of Enterprise, two miles off the Boll Weevil Circle, if you know where that is.
  • Dave: That’s where you wanna be. Great development track. Right price. And we finished the show, we had a listener question, Todd from Birmingham asked about surveying issues, whether you should survey, whether you shouldn’t, and as everything’s the answer is
  • Johnny: It depends.
  • Dave: It depends. Yeah. Hey folks, we appreciate you watching this video review of the show and encourage you to listen to the entire Land Show with Dave and Johnny.

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