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The Land Show Episode 300

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This week Dave and Johnny celebrate the 300th episode of the Land Show:

  • Terry Turk, owner of Bama Bucks, joins us to discuss his unique dining and wildlife experience in Sardis, Alabama.
  • Hunter McBrayer, commodity director with Alabama Farmers Federation, as in studio to talk about the upcoming ALFA Farm and Land Expo in Montgomery in August.
  • Randall Upchurch discusses some of the new items in the Farm Bill in our Farmland Report.
  • Brian Watts brings some levity to the show with some random facts that involve the number “300” in his Timber Talk segment.

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  • Dave: Jonathan, happy 300th show.
  • Johnny: Thank you, man.
  • Dave: I can’t believe they let us be on the radio for 300 times. This may be the end of the road.
  • Johnny: Maybe, maybe. I guess we’ll say how they how their listenership’s doing.
  • Dave: Well, you put together a great show for us today and we want to thank all of our sponsors behind us. We talk about it on the show. That’s without them, we wouldn’t have a show. We want to thank the Skipper who does a great job and Blue Water Studio here in Montgomery that hosts us. And we couldn’t do it without a great team and yeah speaking of team, we had a great team of guests. We started off with Terry Turk. I didn’t know anything about this place. I got to go. Bama Bucks here in Sardis. Up on Sand Mountain. Close to Albertville, Boaz, area. Man, what a place, you know, with a big, big.
  • Johnny: Sounds like.
  • Dave: Like a zoo. It’s like a North American zoo with the elk and the deer and the buffalo and bear, you know? So I hope the bear aren’t running around on this, I’m sure they’re caged up and great food. Great people, Great guest.
  • Johnny: Yeah. And then we had our friend hunter McBrayer with the Alabama Farmers’ Federation come in. He talked about the Alabama Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association. This is ALFA is the Farmers’ Federation’s hundredth year anniversary. And then they also have a big outdoor Farm and Land Expo coming up August 7th, here in Montgomery. So looking forward to participating in the, in the Farm of Land Expo.
  • Dave: Yeah. I’ll tell you Hunter, this sharp, young guy, that does about 25 things for ALFA.
  • Johnny: Heh. He does!
  • Dave: Great guy. And then we found a big man roaming around there, Randall Laubschers. I think he was in White Plains, Alabama, about to go to Big Daddy’s and he was out looking at some farms, Had some interesting facts about some farm bills coming up, meat packers, you know, things going on with the meat packers and potential changes in, in, in the farm bill and 25 poultry farms pending.
  • Johnny: Yeah
  • Dave: Amazing. Amazing.
  • Johnny: Lot going on and then we wrapped it up with the nicest forester in the forestry business man, Brian Watts. And he came to us. He tried to, he tried to bring some levity to the show with some facts that involved the number 300 in honor of our 300th show. And Brian does a great job with our timber sales division, the Southeastern Land Group. And he really is the nicest, he probably the nicest person that I know. Really sincere. So.
  • Dave: He’s a lot nicer than you and me.
  • Johnny: Yeah, for sure. And, you know, as always, man, I just appreciate the opportunity to do this. And we are grateful for all the folks that listen.
  • Dave: Yeah, we are. Thank you all for listening and thank you for those that have been with us a long time for 300 episodes. If anybody’s surely nobody’s listened to all 300 episodes. I know I haven’t but we appreciate you being involved and encourage you to listen to the entire Land Show with Dave and Johnny.

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