Jonathan Goode Accredited Land Consultant, ALC in Alabama

When you are searching for a land broker to assist you with buying or selling land, you may have noticed that some of them advertise themselves as Accredited Land Consultants (ALC). You may have wondered “What is an ALC, and why is that important?” This article will provide a little information about what an ALC is and what that means for you.

What is an Accredited Land Consultant? The ALC is a designation offered by the Realtors Land Institute (RLI) for land brokers and agents who have demonstrated professionalism, land sales experience and a commitment to gaining education about the many facets of land brokerage. This designation is based on a strenuous set of requirements that must be met by brokers across the nation, and each broker must take and pass a comprehensive exam on a broad range of land-related issues.

What is the advantage of dealing with an ALC? ALC’s have demonstrated their commitment to the land brokerage profession by taking nearly 100 hours of land specific courses, have documented over $10,000,000 in personal land sales, and have been recommended and reviewed by brokers across the nation. ALC’s are knowledgeable and experienced in making land deals happen. They can put their know-how and network to work for you. There are plenty of good land brokers and agents that do not have the ALC designation, so this is in no way is meant to slight anyone else. Out of thousands of licensed real estate agents, there are currently only 17 ALC’s in the whole state of Alabama.

Southeastern Land Group currently has 2 ALC’s, Dave Milton and Jonathan Goode. We have several other candidates that are very near to earning their ALC designation. Almost all of the SELG team is a member of the Alabama Chapter of the Realtors Land Institute. This helps our clients and customers because our team is building our knowledge base and expanding our network of brokers so that when we need help finding you the right property to buy or a purchaser for a tract we are helping you sell, we can reach out to other professionals across the state and the nation.

Please feel free to contact SELG for any of your land buying or selling needs in Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida.

Written by: Jonathan Goode, ALC and licensed broker in Alabama and Mississippi.

When you are buying or selling rural land in Alabama or Mississippi it is helpful to understand what Earnest Money is and how it works. You are in the process of negotiating an acceptable purchase price or sales price on a piece of land, and while completing the contract there will inevitably be a question about how much earnest money is deposited.

What is Earnest Money? This is a demonstration in good faith of the sincerity of the purchaser to follow through with the transaction. These funds are usually submitted with an offer to purchase a piece of real estate or very shortly after the written offer is presented.

How much Earnest Money is Required? The amount of money that is to be deposited is negotiable between buyer and seller. Generally speaking a stronger deposit will accompany an offer that shows the prospective purchaser is serious. I have seen accepted offers with no earnest money and some with as much as 10% of the purchase price on deposit. Typically I suggest that we hold 2% to 3% of the purchase price as earnest money.

What happens to the Earnest Money? Generally earnest money comes in the form of personal check along with a contract. When all parties to the contract have fully executed it (and only then) the earnest money is immediately deposited into the broker’s escrow or trust account. The buyer and seller may opt to allow either listing or selling broker to hold the funds. If a land transaction goes as it should, then at the closing the earnest money is applied to the purchase price of the property. If the transaction does not go as smoothly as it should, then the earnest money may or may not be refundable depending on the terms of the contract and who is in breach of those terms.

What is a Mutual Release? In the event a land transaction is not consummated as it should and there are earnest money funds on deposit with Southeastern Land Group, both seller and purchaser will be required to sign a Mutual Release form that allows us to disburse the funds at the written direction of both buyer and seller. Without this signed written agreement from both parties, we cannot release the funds from escrow.

This article is meant to be an introduction to the concept of earnest money and how it typically works, and should not be considered legal advice. If you have specific questions about how earnest money works or how a related dispute should be handled, then you should seek the advice of a legal professional.

Written by Jonathan Goode Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) and licensed Broker in AL and MS

One of Georgia’s biggest political scandals involved a massive land sale that has implications for landowners that have lasted more than 200 years. This was a big black-eye for the state legislature and ultimately resulted in the federal government’s involvement in the land sale.

In the 1780’s and 1790’s, after the Revolutionary War, Georgia claimed its territory extended from the Atlantic Ocean west as far as the Mississippi River. In the late 1780’s the state legislature began exploring the option of selling some of its western lands to raise money and promote settling in the area. After several failed attempts by land companies to make a successful purchase of the western territories, in 1794 and 1795 some serious contenders came forward. Four separate land companies joined forces to present a $500,000 offer on approximately 35,000,000 acres of land which comprises most of modern day Mississippi and Alabama. This offer of 2 cents per acre was extremely low, even by the standards of the day, but the land companies had U.S. senators, congressmen, and other influential partners that were bent on making this deal happen one way or the other.

Rumors of corruption and bribery began to come forward, and there was a public outcry against the state selling the land to these companies. Another interested company came forward with a strong bid of $800,000 for the property, with $40,000 being deposited as earnest money. This new bidder, the Georgia Union Company, even offered to allow the state to have control of 6 to 8 million acres of the land for public use. But their offer was never given real consideration, and against the best interest and will of the Georgia voters, the state legislators voted to sell the western territory to the 4 land companies.

Almost immediately efforts began to repeal and reverse the sale of the western territory. But the 4 land companies wasted no time in selling parcels to land speculators and investors, who in turn sold to others at a significant profit. In 1796, U.S. Senator James Jackson, backed by then Governor Jared Irwin, signed the Rescinding Act that attempted to invalidate the transaction. Immediately lawsuits sprang up from the purchasers and others involved with the Yazoo Sale (named for the Yazoo River). The lawsuits continued until one of the cases was eventually heard by the Supreme Court in 1810. In Fletcher v. Peck, Chief Justice John Marshall rendered an opinion that the Rescinding Act violated the right of contract unconstitutionally.

The United States Congress eventually agreed to buy the property from Georgia for $1,250,000, and in 1814 agreed to pay the damaged claimants $5,000,000 from the subsequent sale of the Yazoo lands. This sale was such an egregious display by the Georgia legislature that a new method to dispose of state-owned lands was devised. Six subsequent land sales were done by a lottery based on a point system to prospective buyers, and many of the parcels were sold at 4 cents per acre.

This is a very fascinating story about the sale of such a large parcel, and it encompassed millions of acres of land and impacted thousands of private landowners. It is interesting how this one transaction had ramifications federally for contract law, the right to rescind contracts, the federal government’s right to invalidate a state law, and other land-related issues. One of the terms of the contract was that the federal government would remove the Indians from the state-owned lands. One of the other terms of the contract eventually led to a brief war between North Carolina and Georgia.

This was a complex and interesting part of the South’s heritage. It is definitely worth a closer study for those who are interested in land transactions. Some of the original documents related to the Yazoo Land Fraud were available online at the Georgia Archives.

By: Jonathan Goode – Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) and licensed Broker in AL and MS.

The Alabama Wildlife Federation is hosting a Wild Game Cook-off in Selma this coming Thursday night October 29, 2015 at 6:00. Jonathan and Whitney Goode will be representing Southeastern Land Group as 1 of 21 registered cook teams. The event is held downtown Selma by the Historic St. James Hotel on Water Avenue.

AWF Wild Game Cook-offs are a celebration of Alabama’s game animals, game birds, and game fish that can be harvested for food. One of the main goals of the event is to introduce people to wild game as excellent and healthy table fare. This is also an important way to continue to promote our hunting and angling heritage.

This should be an excellent event, and one that is fun for the whole family. Your ticket entitles you to sample all of the great dishes and free beverages. You will also receive an annual membership to the AWF and a subscription to Alabama Wildlife magazine. Tickets are $50 per couple, and will be available at the gate. For more information or to purchase tickets to the event, please visit the AWF website.

I’ve been dealing with property line issues for years and the biggest problem that I’ve run across with rural timberland is vague and unpainted property lines between two timberland owners.

Once you have your timberland property lines clear and established, it is foolish to not paint them. The most common resistance that I hear in regards to painting lines goes something like this, “Well I know where my lines are. Why should I worry about painting them?” That may be true, but think about these three questions: Are you sure that your neighbors know where the lines are? More importantly, are you sure that your neighbor’s logger knows where the lines are? And finally, are you sure that your spouse or heirs will know where the lines are at the time of your death?

The biggest problem in getting lines painted professionally for an individual landowner has been that individual landowners have not known where to go to have their lines painted in the professional manner that we see in the timber industry. That has been a problem in the past, but just recently Scott Phillips, a long time professional line painter for the timber industry, has agreed to take on some smaller individually owned tracts to paint.

Scott must have 1 mile of property line, minimum, to paint. He will charge between $200 to $240 per mile and provide the high quality paint (timber company specs) in the color of your choice. Contact Jeanne at our office today – (866) 751-LAND – and don’t wait to protect your property.

Best regards,
Dave Milton
Broker, RLI

“The Land Show” is a new radio program presented by Southeastern Land Group (SELG). The show is meant to be informative and educational about issues related to owning land and investing in rural property. Each week Dave Milton, owner and President of SELG, hosts guests that offer information and insights into various topics relating to Alabama’s land. In addition to special guests, we have regular segments with updates and current trends in farming, timber production, and wildlife and hunting.

In my opinion the show flows from one of the core values our company holds: provide value and exceptional service to our customers and clients. We have been educating buyers and sellers of land since AlaLandCo’s inception in 2003, but the radio show allows us to do it en masse in a medium we have not tried before.

Southeastern Land Group seeks to demonstrate professionalism while providing the highest level of expert service to customers and clients. We want to be your go-to people when it comes to buying, selling or making a land investment. We have agents across the state that can serve your land needs.

Our recent name change from AlaLandCo to Southeastern Land Group is a further example of our commitment to providing excellent service. We have expanded from Alabama into Georgia, Florida, Mississippi and Tennessee. We are the same people you have known and trusted, only now we can offer the same exceptional service in Alabama’s neighboring states.

For any of your land buying or selling needs in the Southeast, please contact the folks you know and trust at Southeastern Land Group.

We are proud to work with McNutt & Partners, our ad agency, in Auburn, AL. They were instrumental in helping us launch The Land Show with Dave Milton across the State of Alabama. Give them a call if your business needs help!

Here is Southeastern Land Group’s Gettin’ Outdoors :30 radio spot CLICK HERE.
Here is another Southeastern Land Group Gettin’ Outdoors :30 radio spot CLICK HERE.
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Alalandco, Alabama’s #1 land broker, is now Southeastern Land Group.

We’ve grown to serve land owners and buyers in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi & Tennessee!

Experience the Southeastern Land Group difference! Listen to our NEW :30 Radio Spot HERE.


Press Contact:
Ford Stokes
Alalandco/Southeastern Land Group
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Alalandco/Southeastern Land Group Launch “The Land Show with Dave Milton” This Saturday at 9:00 AM CDT on Newstalk Radio Stations Throughout Most of the State of Alabama

October 2, 2015 – Dadeville, AL – The Land experts with Alalandco/Southeastern Land Group launch a new radio show, “The Land Show with Dave Milton” this Saturday, October 3rd at 9:00 AM CDT across a large part of Alabama via four iHeart Radio stations. The show will air on 105.5 FM WERC in Birmingham, WACV 93.1 in Montgomery, 800 AMM/1230 AM Huntsville/Decatur and on 1520 AM in Auburn.

SLG_LandShow(RGB)LogoDave Milton, Host and Executive Producer of The Land Show explains how the idea of a radio show got started, “We’re excited about launching our weekly show focusing on land issues in our state. The idea came from one of our customers, Ford Stokes. Ford has purchased several properties from us and he thought it would be a good idea to share our knowledge and better educate hard-working folks right here in Alabama on sound land investing through a weekly, one-hour radio show. Our goal is to help more Land Buyers and Sellers through The Land Show.”

“The Expert Land Agents and Accredited Land Consultants with Alalandco-Southeastern Land Group are so knowledgeable on every aspect of land buying, listing, marketing, selling, farming, managing, timber planting, & timber harvesting, they are going to help a lot more people successfully invest in Alabama land through The Land Show. We’re putting a lot of work into it and having a great time doing it!” details Executive Producer with The Land Show and Alalandco-Southeastern Land Group customer, Ford Stokes.

Southeastern Land Group on Friday, Sept 18, 2015 in Dadeville, Ala.

The Land Experts at Southeastern Land Group (L to R): Robert King, George Mann, Dave Milton, Russ Walters and Kyle Ingalls

The multi-segment show addresses many the diverse interests in Alabama Land with a weekly featured guest interview, Farmland Report, Timberland Outlook, Recreation and Wildlife Management Updates, Listener Emails and final thoughts from Dave Milton. “We will talk with a prominent figure regarding land, conservation, agriculture, recreation, wildlife management and other topics in our Featured Guest segment every week. It’s great to have Chuck Sykes, Director of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries with the Alabama Department of  Conservation and Natural Resources as our first featured guest,” Dave Milton volunteered. Robert King, Land Agent and fifth-generation cattle farmer, and Russ Walters, Land Agent
and third-generation row crop farmer share their extensive and varied farming expertise each week in the show’s Farmland Report. “Alabama farmers and land owners needed a show like  this, most states in the Midwest have crop reports and farm produce pricing updates, we really didn’t have that kind of information and insight available in our state until this show.” Shared Robert King. Russ Walters went further, “We want to deliver a great, consistent resource for cattle, row crop and poultry farmers to learn what’s going on in the market so they can make informed decisions for their family farm.”

The Timber industry is the largest industry in the state of Alabama contributing billions to billions to the state economy. Kyle Ingalls, Registered Forester and Land Agent, gives the weekly Timberland Outlook on the show and enjoys contributing to the Show, “Timberland owners will gain great tips each week in buying, selling and managing their Timberland properties, we’re going to share the latest information we have on Timber pricing and harvesting & management strategies.”

The Land Show Crew is going to have a lot of fun on the show too. George Mann, experienced Wildlife Management Expert and Brandon Harris, accomplished big and small game hunter and wildlife manager, will share great ways to have a great time on your land every week with the Recreation and Wildlife Management Update. Mann describes their segment, “We’re approaching our weekly report the way we approach managing our land, in 12 distinct Monthly Land Management strategies. We’ll share how to get your property ready for the next hunting season and even great recreational ideas the whole family can enjoy.” Harris continues, “We’re going to give land owners the knowledge to grow and take big deer, big turkeys and big bass!”

So there’s just about something for every type of land enthusiast on “The Land Show with Dave Milton”. Be sure to tune in to your local Newstalk or talk Radio station at 9:00 AM Saturday Mornings, you’ll be glad you did.

For more information on The Land Show With Dave Milton, visit the show’s website,

All Alalandco-Southeastern Land Group Agents are available for contribution, quotation and guest columns for stories regarding Alabama Land issues, Wildlife Management. Contact Ford Stokes at 334-332-8340 or via email at to schedule time with any Alalandco-Southeastern Land Group Agent.



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