We at Southeastern Land Group have the unique ability to offer you Timber guidance and Real Estate guidance simultaneously. It is extremely important to make sure that what you are doing with your timber harvest has as little negative impact on the future real estate or “dirt” value of your property as possible.

Brian Watts, Forester and President of our Timber Sales Division, uses a managed team approach when evaluating how best to harvest your timber so as to reach your short term and/or long term goals. Brian will work with our land agents and you to develop a plan for your timber that will not only make short term profit; but will also let you know what type of land asset you will be left with after the harvest.

Southeastern Land Group doesn’t buy timber, so there is no conflict of interest when we seek to bring you the highest possible price by bidding out your timber to timber buyers throughout the southeast. We know who the players are in the timber business and we create competition for your timber while insisting that bidders comply with Best Timber Management practices, where you won’t sacrifice aesthetics and future real estate value for short term profit.

There are many different factors to consider when bidding out your timber such as:

Whether to thin or clear-cut areas?
How wide to leave the streamside management zones?
Will you allow thinning in the streamside management zones?
Marked Tree sale or thinning on a unit basis?
Should you scatter the debris or pile it up for a future controlled burn?

How long should you give the buyer of the timber to finish the job? These are just a few of the many factors to consider when bidding out your timber for sale. There is no need to go it alone. Let us help you avoid the many pitfalls you may encounter when cutting your timber. We will work for you by offering honest advice and working hard with our team and other associates in the timber and land industries to make sure that you’re happy not only with the price your timber brings but also with the land you are left with when the timber harvest is completed.

Call or e-mail us today; we are looking forward to working for you.

Brian Watts
President, Southeastern Land Group Timber Sales Division
AL Reg. Forester
Cell: 334-707-4273

Jesse Thompson
AL, GA Reg. Forester
Cell: 770-317-5235

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