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The Land Show Episode 209

This week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

  • Tim Wood joins us to talk about preparation for deer season and also the Alabama Wildlife Federation Wild Game Cook-off coming up in Selma on October 17, 2019.
  • Brian Watts comes in studio to update us what is happening around the state in timber markets in our Timber Talk segment.
  • Rick Bourne sits in to talk dove season and the upcoming duck seasons.
  • Chuck Sykes, Alabama Director of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries, comes in to talk about a wide range of wildlife topics including: Chronic Wasting Disease, town hall meetings, new baiting law, black bears, hunter safety, and wild hogs.
  • Tim Baker rounds out the show with our Outdoor Update.

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Dave – Well, Jonathan, it was another great Land Show, not because of us but because of our great guests.

Johnny – We have great guests.

Dave – We have Mr. Tim Wood, your friend, both of our friends, from Selma.

Johnny – Yeah.

Dave – He’s got the Co-Op over there, everybody knows him. We talked about the Selma wild game cook-off. It’s just a tremendous event.

Johnny – It is always one of my favorites. And then we had Mr. Brian Watts come in. Talked about a new place that y’all have for sale, some of the things that are going on in the timber woods right now. Brian really is in touch with what’s happening in timber markets across the state.

Dave – Oh yeah, and then Big Rick, the dove daddy, came in to talk about his dove paradise and give all of his tips on how to deal with. He loves that nickname. He just loves it, but he talked about all the good things going and I don’t know anybody that knows more about dove hunting than Rick.

Johnny – Yeah for sure, and then Director of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries, Chuck Sykes, came in and we covered a lot of ground today, man. Talked about all the things that are going on around the state from the chronic waste and diseased town halls to the new sand hill crane season, deer season, baiting, corn, all the things. Chuck has to keep up with about a thousand different things going on.

Dave – Well, he does get to go judge the wild game cook-off there in Selma.

Johnny – So we’ll see…

Dave – So I’m kind of jealous of that.

Johnny – We’ll see him.

Dave – I wouldn’t mind doing that.

Johnny – And then we wrapped it up with the wild man, Tim Baker. He’s always a hoot to talk to. But it’s coming up duck season. You gonna do any duck hunting this year?

Dave – You know if I could go with Tim. I would go with Tim, but, but–

Johnny – He is the only person I’ve ever hunted with.

Dave – But I can’t go by myself, because I am not good and the last time I went by myself, I got stuck in some out on Lake. I need a guide.

Johnny – For sure. Well y’all, thanks for listening to the Land Show. Please catch the rest of this podcast and if you have missed any of the previous podcasts, go to You can get all of that information and send us your questions at, Dave and I love to get that. And please join us next week for more of The Land Show with Dave and Johnny.

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