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The Land Show Episode 225

This week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

  • Barry Estes, the owner of Alabama Hog Control, joins us to discuss the wild hog issue in Alabama, and the services that Alabama Hog Control provides to remove wild hogs.
  • James “Big Daddy” Lawler, an outdoor radio icon, is on to talk about some great things happening in west Alabama and an important fishing tournament that is raising funds for a good cause.
  • Brian Watts is in to discuss whether it is better to plant loblolly or longleaf pines on your property in our Timber Talk segment.
  • Tim Baker talks crappie fishing tips on Lake Guntersville in our Outdoor Update.

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  • Dave – Well Johnathan, it was another great Land Show, I’ll tell you. We started off with a friend of the show, been on a couple times, Barry Estes, Alabama Hog Control.
  • Johnny – Yeah.
  • Dave – Talked about hog hunts and hog eradication for the farmers and also for the outdoorsmen, to protect the native species here in Alabama.
  • Johnny – Yeah, he does a fantastic job, and then we jumped down into Wilcox County, talked to my good friend, James “Big Daddy” Lawler down there. He’s just a great ambassador for everything in the Black Belt, but specifically for a Log-a-Load crappie fishing tournament on Lake Miller’s Ferry, comin’ up on April 18th. It’s a big event and it’s a great cause, and it sounds like it’s gonna be a good tournament down there.
  • Dave – Yeah, he’s a character. He always the Black Belt and the Pam Swanner book.
  • Johnny – Yeah.
  • Dave – It sounded like a great thing.
  • Johnny – Yeah, for sure.
  • Dave – He’s got a lot of personality, love to have Big Daddy on.
  • Johnny – Nice.
  • Dave – Speaking of another big guy, Big Brian Watts. We found him roaming around the woods and we talked about the pros and cons of loblolly planting over a longleaf planting after a clear-cut, and several other sort of timber topics.
  • Johnny – Yeah, and then we wrapped it up with the Wildman Tim Baker. He was on, gave us a few tips for catching crappie this time of the year. Said Lake Guntersville was the must go to. Get out under a bridge right now with some minnows or some jigs and catch some fish, and just a great time, man. Enjoyed puttin’ another show together with you.
  • Dave – Yeah, y’all be sure to get us your questions at, follow us on the podcast, and be sure to listen to the rest of the podcast here. We appreciate you, as always, listening to The Land Show with Dave and Johnny.

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