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The Land Show Episode 287

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This week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

  • Alabama’s Agriculture Commissioner, Rick Pate, joins us to give an encouraging update on what he is hearing from farmers and landowners around the state.
  • William Crawford, Director of the President’s Outdoor Scholars Program at the University of Montevallo, shares what is happening with their students and the tremendous growth of the program.
  • Robert King discusses the continued strong demand for rural land and poultry farms in the Outdoor Update.
  • Brian Watts describes the process involved with cruising timber in our Timber Talk segment.

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  • Dave: Well John, it was another great land show, man. We started off with commissioner Rick Pate with Agan Industries. Man, that guy is a traveling guy.
  • Johnny: He is.
  • Dave: Doing a great job for the state of Alabama, looking out for farmers’ interests. and weights and scales, and measures and gas pumps. He’s got a big job. And, what I like about it is he came up private industry. He was a farmer and Lowndes County. He really understands the needs of the farmers in the state of Alabama.
  • Johnny: Yeah, He does a great job. And, then we went to your alma mater, University of Montevallo. We talked to William Crawford, who’s the director of the President’s Outdoor Scholars Program at the University of Montevallo. What a great program. They have grown tenfold since they started six years ago.
  • Dave: Six to 82, it was amazing.
  • Johnny: Yeah, it’s big, it’s big. And, then the bass team is ranked number one in the country.
  • Dave: Wow
  • Johnny: It’s just a lot of good stuff going on at the University of Montevallo right now.
  • Dave: Yeah, then we found our old friend, Robert Kingley, he’s not that old, but we’ve been friends a long time. I know time flies. We got started, he and I got started years ago in this business, twenty something years ago. Robert was talking about the great poultry farm offering high cash flow, high profit farm up in the center Leesburg area. And, he had some other good farm information also.
  • Johnny: He did. And then we wrapped it up with Brian Watts. The president of our timber sales division with Southeastern Land Group. We talked about some recent timber sales that he’s had. And, then also just a basic idea of what a timber cruise is for those who may not be familiar. Always good to talk to Brian.
  • Dave: Yeah, throughout the show, Jonathan, we talked about how rapid the real estate market is moving right now. It’s really a sellers market, it’s not gonna last forever. We’re having multiple offers. Great, great time to sell property. And folks, we appreciate you watching this video review and encourage you to listen to the entire land show with Dave and Johnny.