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The Land Show Episode 295

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This week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

  • Blake Hargroder, owner of Blake’s Crawfish, talks about a recent crawfish boil he did at Dave’s farm for Southeastern Land Group clients. He also describes his cattle catching business for local cattlemen when their cows escape.
  • Bethany O’Rear is on to discuss the Grow More, Give More campaign and many of the great resources available from the Alabama Cooperative Extension System.
  • Russ Walters covers multiple types of irrigation systems used for farming around the country in our Farmland Report.
  • Dave and Jonathan share some of their favorite places to visit in Alabama for families looking for a getaway over the summer.

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  • Dave: Well, Jonathan it was another great Land Show.
  • Johnny: Yeah man. Glad to have you back.
  • Dave: Well, I appreciate you welcoming me back, man.
  • Johnny: From your Western trip. Sounded like a fantastic trip, and I was sorry that you missed a big Crawfish Boil at my house. And we had our friend Blake Hargroder on the show, talking about the big boil we did at our house and growing crawfish. And he brought us some little lobsters, man, those things were huge.
  • Dave: Man, Blake does an awesome job. And I also hate that I missed it. I have to catch the next one. After Blake, we had Miss Bethany O’Rear on and she’s with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System. They do a fantastic job of providing resources to people, particularly this new program, the Grow More, Give More program, and really helping folks that are growing their own stuff in the garden and then sharing it with neighbors. It’s what Alabama was all about.
  • Johnny: Yeah, she does a great job and you can just tell she has a real can-do spirit helping folks. And, then we found a tadpole down there swimming around in Andalusia Way. Mr. Russ Walter, that’s his family nickname, he’s not going to be happy with me. He’s not going to be watching this.
  • Dave: He won’t watch this.
  • Johnny: He won’t watch this anyway.
  • Dave: But anyway, Russ, Russ talked about all the, you know, irrigation techniques. We got better irrigation techniques. You saw out west and, and how important irrigation is in certain cases and why not in other cases.
  • Johnny: Yeah, and then we wrapped it up just talking about, since this show is kind of focused on some travel, we talked about places that we like to go in the state of Alabama. How Florence, North Alabama, Waterloo and that Northwest part of the state are important. And then how we enjoyed, Little River Canyon in Mentone, in that area over there.
  • Dave: Yeah, they’ve just a lot of hidden places. Places that people don’t know about as much. And you really have the state parks are wonderful, but they’re full.
  • Johnny: Yeah.
  • Dave: So you got to dig a little deeper, VRVO and different things and find some different pockets but there’s some fantastic pockets around the state to explore. And folks, we appreciate you watching this video review and encourage you to listen to the entire Land Show with Dave and Johnny.

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