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The Land Show Episode 305

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This week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

  • Captain Dave Hare with Alex City Guide Service gives us the local stripe bass fishing report for Lake Martin.
  • Ben Elliott with Alabama Ag Credit discusses current land loan rates and how they have simplified the land loan application process.
  • Russ Walters updates us on the cotton and peanut crops at his family farm in Covington County in our Farmland Report.
  • William Lyon joins us to talk about recent sales of estate homes by Southeastern Estates, and a great property for sale in Lowndes County, Al.

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  • Dave: Well, Jonathan, it was another great Land Show today, man.
  • Johnny: Yeah, in spite of us.
  • Dave: As always. Glad to find my friend, captain David Hare. I actually had an off day, it was a hot day and talked about all the great strike fishing on lake Martin with Alex City Guide Service. That’s always an interesting, segment.
  • Johnny: He does a good job, man. I’m looking forward to fishing with him in a few months, and then our good friend, Ben Elliot with Alabama ag credit came in, talked to us about the rates that they’re continuing to see and really focused on that they can help people, small tracks, small home sites, small mini farm properties, and man, they keep us in business. They do a good job.
  • Dave: Really, and they’ve had, you know, rates are low. It’s a great time to borrow money from Alabama Ag credit. And then we found a Russ Walters out on the farm. Having a fantastic year. Peanut prices are good. Cotton prices good, corn, soybeans. He gave us an update on commodity prices and everything going on around south Alabama and other farm markets around the south.
  • Johnny: Yeah, Then we talked to William wine down in Louwndes County about all the good stuff going on with Southeastern Land Group and Southeastern Estates, really focusing on those small home site home style properties. Estate style properties. Talked a little bit of bow hunting with him and he talked about a 341 acre place that they’ve got for sale in Lowndes county, which sounds like a really, really good hunting track down there.
  • Dave: Yeah. Congratulations to William. You know, moving south Eastern states into Georgia, a lot of opportunities there with a small farm growth and you know, folks, we appreciate you watching this video review of the show and encourage you to listen to the entire Land Show with Dave and Johnny.

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