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The Land Show Episode 325

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This week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

  • Rick Pate, Alabama’s Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries, joins us to talk about some of the great things happening with agriculture around the state.
  • Chris Bentley, Superintendent of Cathedral Caverns State Park, is on to discuss his park and what a treasure Cathedral Caverns is to the people of the state of Alabama.
  • Randall Upchurch discusses trends with cattle prices and what issues will be a concern to farmers in 2022 in our Farmland Report.
  • William Lyon, broker with Southeastern Estates, talks about some of the recent successful deer hunts his children have had and what is happening with rural estate sales.

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  • Dave: Well, happy New Year, John.
  • Johnny: Happy New Year, buddy.
  • Dave: Yeah. Great first show. We start off with Commissioner Rick Pate with AG Industries here in the state, highlighting all the fantastic things going on and new programs and sweetgrown Alabama. He always does a great job.
  • Johnny: He does. And then we went up to North Alabama, some of your old stomping grounds. We spoke to Mr. Chris Bentley, who is the Superintendent of Cathedral Caverns State Park and talked about what an awesome place that is, what a treasure in the state of Alabama, something I hope a lot of our listeners will go check out.
  • Dave: You all had a lot of fun.
  • Johnny: We did. It was just a great half day in the caverns. The state has really done a good job making that place accessible. Overall. Great experience.
  • Dave: Yeah. We found Randall Upchurch, I think he was up in Hollis Crossroad, rambling around looking at farms and talked about the cattle market going up and inputs have gone up. But maybe the prices will go up over time. And he gave us a great overview. He always does.
  • Johnny: He did. And then we wrapped it up with William  Lyon down in Lounge County. He talked about how his son Caleb has just been putting the hammer down on Bucks down there. It is that young man, he’s an outdoorsman for sure. And then he just kind of gave us a recap. 2021 was fantastic for Southeastern Estates. It was good for Land Group.
  • Dave: Oh yeah.
  • Johnny: Just we were blessed and appreciate everybody that gave Southeastern Land Group the opportunity to serve your land needs last year.
  • Dave: Yeah. And we want to thank all of our sponsors behind us. They’re the ones that make this show happen. Want to thank you all for watching this video review and encourage you to listen to the entire Land Show with Dave and Johnny.

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